How to Be Perceived as THE Expert in Your Market


In uncertain times, buyers flock to market leaders. There are only two "safe" leadership positions in each market: the market share leader and the industry thought leader.

Industry thought leaders are the up and coming companies that everyone talks about. They're the ones that provide the most innovative, unique, and specialized products and services in their industry.

If you expect to survive and even prosper and you're not the 800lb gorilla, you'd better darn well be the thought leader in your industry. Otherwise, you're in extremely vulnerable position.

At Bookmercial Productions, we turn small business owners into industry thought leaders that ooze credibility. It's one of the safest market positions to hold in any economy. We do this by ghostwriting, designing, publishing, distributing, and promoting a unique type of book that we invented called a Bookmercial.

It is this exact same process that our company founder and inventor of the Bookmercial, Victor Cheng, used to become a nationally televised marketing expert -- frequently appearing on the Fox. He has also appeared on, The Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, Smart Money Magazine,, and has been a featured speaker at Harvard Business School.

(In short, we practice what we preach, and yes, it actually does work!)

A Bookmercial is a genuinely useful book that educates buyers on how to make a well-informed, financially responsible buying decision in your industry. Think of a Bookmercial as an "in print" version of a highly consultative sales conversation.

It's the kind of conversation where the buyer feels like you've take the time to explain everything about your industry, key tradeoffs to consider, and major mistakes to avoid... before you ever ask for the sale.

This disarming, value-added, no pressure, educational process is precisely the buying process that conservative buyers insist on--especially during a recession.

Of course, in your Bookmercial, prospects will be introduced to your company, products and services in subtle, "soft sell" way. Your products, services, and customer successes will be used as examples to illustrate key concepts, identify important buying criteria, highlight common mistakes to avoid, and as "case studies" that show what happens when a good buying decision is made.

While the Bookmercial text is educational, the sub-text sends the message that your company, products, and services really deliver. This form of "stealth marketing" is the heart of what makes a Bookmercial so unique and powerful. This is what our whole company is about.

We get your unique message across by interweaving it throughout a genuinely useful, "must have" book -- a Bookmercial. Best of all we can take your Bookmercial from concept to printed book in your hands in 90 days.

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