Bookmercial Services

We specialize in helping your company sell more products and services through a proprietary book format that we invented called the Bookmercial book.

Our primary service is to provide you everything from A to Z in the book production process. We do everything for you. In under 60 days, our Bookmercial creation service proceeds from the concept to the printed book. Yes, that's right. From the day we start to the day you have your Bookmercial book in your hand will be less than 60 days.

In limited cases, we support our Bookmercial Publishing clients with additional marketing consultation to help them integrate their new book into their existing sales and marketing efforts. These consultations include the training of sales staff about how to use books instead of brochures during sales phone calls and meetings. We also help develop lead generation strategies using the book with marketing executives, and more.

We are the only company we know of that specializes in solving revenue growth problems using books. We like to say that we don't ghostwrite books, but we solve revenue problems through books. There IS a big difference between the two.

To learn more about whether a Bookmercial makes sense for your business, please read the article The 5 Key Criteria for Creating an Effective Bookmercial. If your situation meets the criteria described in that article, please use the form below to request additional information about our services.

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